This service was created to enhance the livelihoods of small-scale dairy farmers by improving their production capacity, quality of milk produced and health of livestock. The service is provided in partnership with the Market Oriented Dairy (MOD) project which aims to advance sustainable growth in Sri Lanka’s dairy sector by supporting farmers and related enterprises. MOD is a project by the Government of Sri Lanka and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ‘Food for Progress’ initiative. The knowledge service’s content is provided by the subject-matter experts of the MOD project and reviewed by the government’s Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH).

Dairy is the most important sub-sector in the Sri Lankan livestock industry, yet the country meets only 30-40% of fresh milk demand locally. While Sri Lanka is largely self-sufficient in terms of most animal products, its increasing dependence on international suppliers to meet the growing demand for dairy products creates trade risks and consumes scarce foreign exchange. The MOD project’s medium-term aim is to enhance the capacities of over 5,000 dairy farmers to improve the quantity and quality of locally produced milk. Overall, the lack of access to relevant information is a prominent issue affecting over 332,335 of Sri Lanka’s dairy farmers, and Dialog is committed to making the service available to all.

Saviya addresses the information gap in small-herd dairy production by providing accurate and relevant information on best practices, dairy management, cattle feeding and calf management. These facts are sent straight to the farmer’s mobile phone and customized according to their individual requirements and their animal’s development stages. Saviya also provides other relevant information such as good nutrition and disease prevention. This service supports the existing extension efforts by DAPH, Provincial DAPHs and Dairy Processing Companies, enabling a broader reach and providing dairy entrepreneurs and farmers with time-bound technical messages linked to the lactation cycle of animals, and care from pregnancy to calving.