The Dialog Foundation was established in 2012 to unify Dialog’s major Public-Private-Partnerships and provide a cohesive framework to drive the company’s social stewardship activities. Recognising not only that Dialog is a part of the Knowledge Economy, but also that education is the single most powerful tool for long-term change, the Dialog Foundation’s main thematic areas of focus from the inception have been the development of the country’s formal primary and secondary education system, assistance for those with hearing sight and speech deficiencies or impairments, disaster preparedness and response, and health and support for marginalized communities; as part of the Dialog Foundation’s current and future mandate, making up its comprehensive social stewardship strategy.

Dialog consists of a subscriber base which makes up for more than half of Sri Lanka’s total population. Due to its position as an accountable corporate operating within this geographic and socio-economic context, Dialog has a responsibility towards the citizens of Sri Lanka, due to the vast potential it carries in terms of positively impacting on the nation through its objectives and other indirect investments. Dialog thus has the distinct ability and opportunity not just to connect but reach out to all of its stakeholders in adverse situations or times of national strife.

Through that mindset, Dialog leveraged its technologies to extend beyond its immediate operating boundaries and create value for extended communities within its geographic reach. Some of the key interventions benefitting communities across the island range from the focus on providing access to quality education, healthcare services and assistive technologies towards improvements in the quality of life for the hearing, sight and speech- impaired, and for those vulnerable to natural disasters.

As part of its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, Dialog reviews its stakeholder-focused activities on an annual and multi-year basis, so as to ensure that the company always tackles relevant social and environmental issues keeping up with the ever-changing needs of society. Working to accelerate social and economic development in Sri Lanka, Dialog focuses on areas that are deemed national priorities. The projects we undertake as per our social stewardship agenda, are sustained, long-term interventions that have the capacity to deliver lasting change for the betterment of the country and its people. To ensure that these initiatives deliver the intended benefits, we partner with industry, like-minded organizations, international research bodies and organizations, respective government bodies and local authorities and community groups unique to each scenario.

The key drivers of Dialog’s social stewardship strategy are innovations for social needs, strategic partnerships and stakeholder consultations for the long-term viability of such interventions.