Diriya.lk is a comprehensive web-based knowledge portal for Entrepreneurs as well as any stakeholder of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) including Start-ups. As a sustainability and social innovation initiative of Dialog Axiata PLC, Diriya aims to bridge the gaps in business knowledge and awareness among the stakeholders, thereby empowering them to tackle the challenges of the fast-paced contemporary business world. With a comprehensive knowledge base sourced from credible and reliable sources including the International Finance Corporation; Diriya.lk provides any stakeholder with technical, financial and management know-how, advices and must-know information to successfully start and run a business. 

Furthermore, the platform will showcase a series of inspirational stories from successful and renowned Sri Lankan entrepreneurs, Business men and women and young/budding youth in the country. This will act as a knowledge base for the youth to access reliable information and motivational tool to the community, promoting new startups and encouraging hard work leading to success in existing businesses. 

The core objectives of Diriya are: 

  • To provide stakeholders of MSMEs with knowledge and resources to own and manage a business.
  • To encourage the initiation and development of SMEs in the country. 
  • Creating an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth of the Nation.
  • Motivate employees to develop new skillsets enabling them to more easily adapt to the challenges brought about by the 4th industrial revolution

Inspire students to innovate and follow their dreams despite limitations.