The environment sustains all our lives. Preserving the environment and protecting it for future generations is our moral obligation, and we strive to do our best in that regard.We work as a team together with our stakeholders in practicing good environmental practices to meet that moral obligation. Dialog Axiata PLC, as a provider of multisensory connectivity resulting in the empowerment and enrichment of Sri Lankan lives and enterprises, provides products and services that are inherently capable of benefiting the environment.

Our objective in relation to the environment is to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements while proactively avoiding where possible any harmful impacts of our operations; mitigating to the greatest extent any unavoidable harm; and actively reversing or remedying any harm we may have caused.

To sustain this effort, we continually upgrade our activities to be environment-friendly by both preventive and corrective means. We do so by continuously modernizing our equipment to be greener and less power-consuming, employing green energy sources alongside or in the absence of grid power; by empowering our people, supporting them with effective training; and by committing to incorporate environmental stewardship into our company culture.These objectives shall be periodically communicated to all staff and relevant stakeholders via internal communications and incorporated into relevant guidelines for stakeholders.

We hold ourselves accountable to these goals through rigorous measurement, thus enabling continual improvement.