Nenasa Smart Schools

A new initiative that commenced in 2017, the Nenasa Smart Schools project spearheaded by Dialog aspires to transform Sri Lanka’s education eco system and to change in the way education is consumed by teachers and students. The Nenasa Smart School initiative highlights Dialog’s commitment to develop the local education sector vis-à-vis digitized study solutions for the classroom.

The initiative is driven by Headstart (Pvt.) Ltd. (an associate company of Dialog) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Microsoft Sri Lanka and Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC. The aim of the project is to transform 250 schools to ‘smart schools’ by 2020 through systematic, people-centric transformation of the conventional manual learning process, thereby creating “smart” students and teachers.

The first phase of the project, which commenced in November 2017, saw the initiative being rolled out across 100 schools, with train-the-trainer programmes being conducted for nominated ambassador teachers). Ably supported through a follow-up programme, they are then expected to share their knowledge and guide students and colleagues in their respective schools to achieve ‘smart schools KPIs’.

The overall Nenasa Smart School concept is developed in alignment with contemporary global trends in Teaching with Technology (TwT), embodying Dialog’s commitment to the UN SDG 4 – ‘Education for All’.